Even though we deal extensively in coins, notes and medals rather than being antique dealers, our years of experience have allowed us to establish an incredibly large network that spans across numerous countries and we can put you in touch with antique dealers should the need arise. It often happens that people have possessions which they are hesitant to sell before speaking to an expert in the respective field. If you find yourself in such a situation or simply have some antiques and collectibles that you would like to find out more about, we will gladly put you in contact with relevant experts that can assist you.

It should be noted that antiques are generally considered to be items that are a minimum of 100 years old, while collectibles are items that are less than 100 years old, but which could be classified as antiques in future. These items are collected for a variety of reasons and their value is determined by numerous factors, including how rare they are, their aesthetic value, how close they are to their original condition or the level of craftsmanship employed in their creation. Regardless, it is important to speak to experts if you have an antique or collectible that you would like to know the value of, or if you have antiques for sale.

For instance, if you have items such as cigar bands, Parker pens, ornaments, old books, works of art, antique jewellery or anything you think could be a collection, do not hesitate to contact us. As a trustworthy source of advice, information and assistance, we would be pleased to offer guidance and direct you to the appropriate antique dealers for your situation.