Our expertise at City Coins also pertains to Krugerrands. As the most popular traded gold coins worldwide, part of their appeal is that the Krugerrand price or value is so easy to determine at any given point in time and it provides investors and collectors alike with a means to own gold privately. The latter was an extraordinary concept back in 1967 when the Krugerrand was first minted in South Africa to promote the country’s gold. Even though it was initially made in denominations of 1oz only, the success and popularity enjoyed by the Krugerrand saw it being minted in 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10 as well in 1980.

Krugerrands are identified by the bust of Paul Kruger (who was the president of the Z.A.R.) on one side and an image of a springbok on the other, with the outer edge of the coin bearing a reeded pattern. The Krugerrand value is directly related to the market value of gold, and one can easily determine this value as the amount of gold each coin contains (in ounces) is written on its surface.

Many investors buy gold as a safe investment when the world’s economy is going through an uncertain period. This leads to an increase in the demand for gold which, in turn, increases its value and Krugerrands therefore experience a positive impact on their value as well. Bearing all of the above in mind, it is hardly surprising that these coins have remained the choice of the canny investor who seeks a degree of stability, safety and control over their investment.

If you would like to collect, sell or buy Krugerrands, you can trust City Coins to provide you with a personalised service and a level of expertise that has been manifested over decades of experience. Our vast global network of collectors and associates further ensures that we are the superior choice in coin dealers. For any information or advice that includes but goes beyond factors such as the Krugerrand price, contact City Coins today.