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City Coins website, the premier destination for anyone interested in collecting South African coins and valuable coins from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or are just looking for a smart investment opportunity, you have come to the right place. City Coins is a business of firsts. We take pride in our unfailing attitude of innovation, constantly transforming our service offering to cater to the evolving needs of our clients. Ever since we opened the very first shop of its kind in January of 1967, we have offered unrivalled service, striving to be the experts in the field, so we’re in a position to guide you towards making the right decisions when it comes to investing in valuable South African coins. Over the years, we have reinstated our position at the top with a number of initiatives that leave our competition in the dust. We were the first to publish a book with photo grading imagery included, the first to publish a collectors’ requirements pamphlet for enthusiasts and the first to publish an auction catalogue, which is now globally considered as a work of reference, not to mention a work of art. We picked up on the value and excitement of auctions early on, and that’s why we were also the first Cape Town coin trading company to be involved in an auction, as well as the first to host a medal auction. The dedication and passion that runs our business means we are well known and respected by the international coin collecting community, and that’s why we are the first company to be affiliated with the prestigious London auction house; Dix Noonan Webb. At City Coins, we don’t just have some of the world’s most highly valued coins for sale. We’ve also got years of experience, incomparable industry knowledge and the drive to help you make the right decision. Whether you’re buying your first collectable coin or looking for those last few coins to complete your collection, trust City Coins.


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“Thanks to City Coins, selling parts of your coin, bank note or medal collection will be free of any hassle. Our network is extensive and we sell on behalf of some of the biggest collectors in the world – bearing testament to the fact that our service is one that continues to be as exceptional as it has been throughout our years of experience in the trade. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling gold coins, silver coins, bank notes or medals, we deal with you personally and you are assured that our relationship will be founded on trust. The exact expertise and brilliant reputation that secure us at the highest echelons in the industry are the exact characteristics that you require of your coin dealer, and we will ensure that you make informed decisions regarding your coins. Selling these coins is further simplified by means of completing the following form – simply fill it out and allow us to assist you.

Postal Medal Auction 71

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