Founded in 1967, City Coins has been operating from Cape Town, South Africa for almost 50 years. During this period, City Coins and Natalie Jaffe have established an international reputation in the numismatic trade and have had the privilege of hosting some major sales, including the Richard J. Ford Sale which was the first international auction of its kind in South Africa. While many women work in the numismatic industry, Natalie Jaffe is the only woman in the world to own and run a ground floor business dealing in all aspects of numismatics.

For many people coin collecting is simply an enjoyable and stimulating hobby. Numismatics, however, also incorporates banknotes, medals, tokens, mementos and a variety of other beautiful collectibles. Apart from dealing in all aspect of numismatics, we will be able to assist you regardless of where in the world you are based, or whether you are looking to buy or sell these objects.

City Coins has a close network of associates – including companies such as Dix Noonan Webb (London). The company has also developed a sizeable mailing list of coin collectors from all over the world. After all these years in the business, Natalie has learnt that to empower her clients, whether through her expertise or extensive network, is her most important function. The joy in her work lies in providing a personalised, customised service to collectors of the huge variety of beautiful things that fall under the numismatics umbrella.

As far as the value of an object to a collector goes, rarity, historical significance, the state of preservation and the artistic merit of the artwork adorning it all play a part. Every coin, banknote, medal and token has a story to tell and, with City Coins, you have access to these objects as well as their stories. We encourage you to browse our site for more information on numismatic objects such as coins, medals, bank notes and Krugerrands, and to contact us directly for expert assistance in the vast world that they belong to.